On the website of a low-cost airline “Victory” You can already buy tickets to Germany. The first of the German flights will be the cultural and business center of Europe, city ​​of Cologne.

Time in flight on a flight: Moscow – Cologne is 3 часа 20 минут. The distance between Cologne and the Russian capital is 2087 километров. Germany is almost a native country for the inhabitants of Russia. Despite the world wars, misunderstanding and political tension between the two countries, their residents are very friendly to each other. Germany is perceived as the country of the world's best beer and Bavarian sausages, as well as beautiful architecture and ancient culture, and traditions. The city of Cologne is a prominent representative of ancient Germanic culture and has been standing for two thousand years.

City `s history

Initially it was a small fortified village on the banks of the Rhine River, based in 38 AD one of the generals of the Roman Emperor Augustus. And thanks to Agrippina, the wife of Emperor Nero, the village acquired the status of a city. What followed was its rapid development, population growth, rapid rise in status. A hundred years later, the population of Cologne reached more than fifteen thousand people. For more than five hundred years it was a Roman colony, experienced a lot at this time - including uprisings, and wars, and the arrival of Christianity.

In the Middle Ages, Cologne reached the peak of its development. Cathedrals were being built in full swing at this time.. С 785 Catholicism came to this city, an archbishopric appeared. During the difficult times of World War II, almost all architectural masterpieces were destroyed, Only Cologne Cathedral remains, which became the symbol of the city. However, everything was later restored to its original form..


The climate is quite comfortable, but very changeable. July is the warmest month, temperature rises to 25 degrees Celsius. In winter it is quite comfortable and not cold - the temperature stays around zero.


Cologne is a big city, There are several transport options. All buses, trams, metro and trolleybuses are operated by the same company, therefore, prices for all types of transport are the same. You can also choose a taxi or, for those who like an eco-friendly holiday, rent a bike.


Once in Germany, you should forget about classic European fast foods, need to enjoy local cuisine. A must visit to the local pubs, where you will have a great opportunity to try world-famous German beer and Bavarian sausages. The largest concentration of such establishments is in Altstadt (or old town). You should definitely try the pork knee, which is served with stewed cabbage, mustard and onions. But it is necessary to remember, that in Germany the portions are very large, so you should think about ordering this dish for two. Traditional German food is quite heavy and greasy, therefore, lovers of diets and healthy eating should be prepared for this. Well, конечно, German beer. Every visitor to Cologne must try it.!

Architecture connoisseurs and history buffs will be delighted by the impressive appearance of this city's Gothic cathedrals. The highlight and symbol of the city, undoubtedly, is Cologne Cathedral. This is a building of incredible beauty and scope. You should definitely take photos of it from the other side of the Rhine and admire the giant stained glass windows and organ.

Timetable Moscow – Cologne

Flight Transportation start dates Transport end date Days of week Sortie arrival
DP819 15.02.16 15.02.16 Monday 14:30 15:45
DP819 16.02.16 26.03.16 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 14:30 15:50

Flight schedule Cologne – Moscow

Flight Transportation start dates Transport end date Days of week Sortie arrival
DP820 15.02.16 15.02.16 Monday 16:45 21:50
DP820 16.02.16 26.03.16 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 16:25 21:30

Авиакомпания “Victory” offers convenient connections, together with Fly company&Bus to the nearest Dusseldorf and Leverkusen from Cologne can be reached by bus.