Loukosterov victory shows cheap tickets. real value

Russian Airlines “Victory” work like a classic low-cost airline and pleasantly, that Russian cities are becoming more accessible, work and business in nearby and distant regions are getting closer. Everything is great, and most importantly, that we are happy, when a passenger can find a very, very cheap ticket, straightaway “Hooray!” – a very pleasant feeling to get to a new city for a few hundred rubles.

Here we give some examples from statistics, when passengers found very profitable tickets using our website. With fees and deadlines, so you can appreciate, how profitable is it.

Stavropol on the way, 2 ticket.

Cheap flights to Moscow.

Astrakhan will take.

Flying to Sochi?

From Siberia to the Urals. Direct flight

Vladikavkaz to the capital

Here are the options, join the search. The form is on each page of the official website of the airline and find the cheapest air tickets for flights a / c “Victory”.