A flight from Moscow to Milan takes approximately 3 часа 45 минут, and the distance between the Russian capital and a cozy Italian city is 2288 километров.

Heart of Italy – Milan, majestic metropolis, the capital of fashion trends and an incredibly beautiful city. Tourists, those who have visited Milan tell, what is 5 points, which must be followed, being in Milan: View the Duomo Cathedral, see the paintings in the Ambrosiana Pinacoteca, enjoy the opera at La Scala, renew your wardrobe and visit the nightclubs in Milan.

How to spend time in Milan?

First thing, Milan – it is a world shopping center. Based on a survey conducted by the Milan government – the city typed 9 of 10 points in category “The best place to shop”. If you dream of plunging into the maelstrom of shopping – you will be conquered by the Quadrilatero Della Moda, huge block of shops and boutiques. iconic world designers have placed their brand stores here. If it happens, that the whole shopping block will not be enough for you – hurry to the streets of Jez, Montenapole, San Andrea, Santo Spirito. Shopping centers on the outskirts of Milan Fidenza Village and Serravalle will surprise you with pleasant prices.


Gothic cathedral in the center of the capital. Duomo Cathedral impresses with its scale and mesmerizing Gothic façade.
The majestic building began to be erected in 1386 year of white marble, but finished only by decree of Napoleon Bonaparte.
For connoisseurs of painting, it will be interesting to find the Milan Academy of Arts on the city map, Brera art gallery, Gallery of contemporary art (Via Palestra).

Pinakotheka, named in 17 century by the name of the patron saint of Milan - Saint Ambrosius of Mediolana. The ancient Greeks called the halls Pinakothek, in which the works of painters were kept. The Pinakothek was open only to the residents of Athens. Look for the Pinacoteca Ambrosia on the map of Milan, if you crave to taste the works of the great – Titian, Raphael and Da Vinci.

Also, many tourists advise to take the time and see the churches of Sant'Ambrogio and San Lorentso Maggiore, Northern Palace and of course the Arc de Triomphe.

In the evening

La Scala – this is an iconic opera house in the capital of Italy. It was built on site, where the temple of Santa Maria used to stand. After a thorough restoration 2004 Years here again you can listen to the famous operas by Verdi and Bellini.
If operatic timbres and atmosphere are not to your liking – going to Milan nightclubs. Need to mark, that italian youth, going to the club, rarely drinks alcohol. If they use, then they don't get drunk in moderation. Meet an Italian at the Milan nightclub, who does not control himself because of the drunk – very rare.

Nightclub Alcatraz. The name itself is closely related to the famous prison., which has often been the subject of films, books and stories. On Friday and Saturday nights you can get to a live concert at this prison club. You can stand in the entrance line for an hour or more. The sound to the club is worthy of all praise. The dance floor holds up to 2000 человек.

Cafe Atlantic – famous milanese club. The club looks very presentable and even luxurious. The interior of the club is also not inferior to the external decoration.. Club regulars – businessmen, famous people and stars. Very strict face control, very strict prices (this club can not be attributed to the budget) and incredibly beautiful and pretentious interior.

Milan's Hollywood Rytmoteque is famous for, that you can meet popular stars here, athletes, presenters and actors. At the entrance, mandatory and strict face control. The club works with 9 evenings to 4 утра (Sun and Mon – weekend).

From dawn to late night – Milan shakes. It mesmerizes with the monumentality of cathedrals and makes you freeze, seeing the rows of boutiques with the most beautiful things, Milan mesmerizes you with its luxurious nightlife. He does everything, so that after a while you start to miss him and want to return.

Flight time passes very quickly, flights from Moscow are performed every day. Flight schedule on the official website Russian low-cost airline. Milan – already the second direction from foreign destinations “Победы”.