Low-cost airline departures “Victory” on the route Cheboksary – Moscow and back pass daily, once a day. Flight schedule can be viewed here.

The rhythm of modern life makes many people cherish every minute. Even if the trip to another city is not related to professional activities or business. Tourism and visiting relatives are also limited in time, and spending it on long journeys is not always possible. In addition, the preferences of travelers are often based on the desire to use the aircraft..

Capital of Chuvashia, in terms of the number of people who want to visit it, is an attractive place. It's no coincidence. Cheboksary is considered one of the cleanest and most well-groomed cities in Russia.. Citizens love and are proud of their city, they will be happy to show you the sights and tell you a lot of interesting things from the local history and modern life of the metropolis.

Direct flight time from Cheboksary to Moscow

The distance between these cities by the standards of Russia is small, Total 600 км. Flight time from 1 ч. 30 мин. with 2 ч. 10 мин. The time difference is due to the characteristics of the aircraft, serving the flight. Ticket price information is current at the time of application., therefore, in each specific case, it is better to clarify it at the time of ordering or directly purchasing.

Flight with stopovers

This way to get from Cheboksary to Moscow, in terms of saving time, doesn't look the best. But the reasons for embarking on such a journey can be a personal decision for everyone.. Besides, not having time for various reasons on a direct flight, you can use another route through the nearest cities. We should not discount the dislike of some citizens for land crossings and people, preferring to travel by air.

Connecting flight can be done via Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Murmansk, Samara and other cities. So, flight Cheboksary - St. Petersburg - Moscow will take 8,5 ч. Fly through Murmansk 19 часов, and through Самару – 6. Break between flights 20 hours will lengthen the journey through Ekaterinburg with 25 часов.

Flight Direction Transport end date Days of week Sortie arrival
DP458 Cheboksary – Moscow 26.03.16 21:45 23:20

Where to go in Cheboksary

Square named after V. И. Chapaev in Cheboksary

Square Chapaeva – in Russia there is only one copy and is located right on the site of the native village of V.I.. Chapaeva - Budayki. Earlier through the fields, what were there, passed Kanash-Cheboksary tract.

Cheboksary bay

The main attractions are concentrated in the Cheboksary Bay. Tourists should pay attention not only to monuments of architecture and culture, located here, but also on the history of the creation of the Cheboksary Bay.

Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater

Cheboksary - the capital of the Chuvash Republic - is not in vain considered one of the most important cultural centers of the Russian Federation with a large number of theaters and cultural life in the city is seething.