Лоукостер “Победа” depart from Cheboksary – Moscow and back ezhdnevno, once a day.

The rhythm of modern life causes many people to cherish every minute. Even if a trip to another city is not related to business or professional activity. Tourism and visiting relatives, too, are limited in time, and spend it on long journeys is not always possible. In addition, the preference of travelers are often based on the desire to take advantage of it by plane.

The capital of Chuvashia, in terms of the number of those wishing to visit it, It is an attractive place. it is no coincidence. Cheboksary considered one of the cleanest and well-groomed Russian cities. Citizens love and are proud of their city, happy to show the sights and will tell many interesting local history and contemporary life of the metropolis.

Where to go in Cheboksary

Cheboksary Bay

In Cheboksary Gulf focused main attractions. Tourists should pay attention not only to the monuments of architecture and culture, located here, but also on the history of the Cheboksary Bay.

In the name Square. И. Chapaev Cheboksary

Chapaev Square - in Russia only in one copy and is located directly on the site of his native village VI. Chapaeva - Budayki. Previously, through the fields, that were there, Canas held path-Cheboksary.

Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater

Cheboksary - the capital of the Chuvash Republic - not for nothing is one of the most important cultural centers of the Russian Federation with a large number of theaters and cultural life in the city rages.

direct flight time from Cheboksary to Moscow

The distance between the two cities on a small Russian standards, Total 600 км. Flight time from 1 ч. 30 мин. with 2 ч. 10 мин. Time difference is due to the characteristics of the aircraft, flight attendants. Information on the cost of the ticket at the time of urgent treatment, therefore, in each case, it is better to specify at time of order or directly purchase.

If you try to get from Cheboksary to Moscow with transfers, in terms of saving time, it looks less than optimal. But the reasons to go to such a journey can be a personal decision of each. Besides, no time for various reasons, a direct flight, You can use a different route through the nearest town. We should not discount the dislike of some citizens to land crossings and people, preferring to move by air.

Connecting flight can be made through Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Murmansk, Samara and other cities. Так, Flight Cheboksary - St. Petersburg - Moscow will take 8,5 ч. Murmansk fly through 19 часов, and through Самару – 6. The break between flights in 20 hours lengthen journey through Ekaterinburg with 25 часов